Wood discs – Bag of 50 (mixed diameters 4-6cm)


Also known as wood cookies, are available in diameters from 4-6cm

Bag of 10 (mixed diameters 4-6cm)

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Also known as wood cookies, are available in diameters from 4-6cm

Bag of 50 (mixed diameters 4-6cm)

We can also provide drilled discs and hand painted discs, finished with toy safe sealer – please ask for further details.

UK wood

Made in the UK

Additional Information

This is an educational learning resource (not a toy) and should be used under direct adult supervision.

Please note that this is a natural product. It will have knots and imperfections and there may be small cracks in the wood. This is all perfectly normal and does not detract from the quality of the product.  Wood changes, its bark comes away, there will be knots and cracks, which will expand and contract over time. Further cracks will open up, particularly if left in direct sunlight or during a period of warm, dry weather. These changes, stimulate questions and helps connect us to the natural world.

Wood contains a natural preservative called tannin, which aids its longevity. Tannin is soluble and can leach out of wood when it gets wet. Once the water evaporates, it will leave tannin sediment behind, causing staining. We recommend that you do not store your wood on a porous surface as the surface may discolour.

We support UK grown wood and the future of our woodlands.

PURCHASING: Prior to completing this form we request that you carefully read through our terms and conditions.

For Families

Right on target

Are you looking for a fun activity to entertain family and friends? Then our Introductory Family Archery Experiences are for you!

Our fully instructed activity package, gives groups of 6 or more the chance to experience archery. Your instructor will teach you the correct way to handle a bow and arrow before you step up to the firing line to test your aim. There’ll be plenty of time for fun games along the way. Perfect for beginners and novices alike!

Duration: 1 – 3 hours (depending on group size)

Price from: £20 pp (min. group size 6)

Special Offer

Special Offer £99*

Have some family fun.

We can come and deliver mini archery to your family unit in your garden (if you have a suitable space of at least 10 m long).  All the family can participate, Mum, Dad and siblings. The soft arrows make archery accessible to all ability levels. We will instruct from 2 metres away and the equipment will be sanitised before and after the session.

*Special offer price: £99, for up to 60-minute archery session, for a family living within 20 miles of Bromyard (travel costs added, if we are required to travel further afield).